I am still relatively new to the series, I started playing a couple years back and have been slowly chewing away at the different games.

Thoughts on Rhythm Heaven DS

This is my favorite game in the series, the touch controls are fun to use. I think so much more could have been done with the mechanics, like how there is only two games that utilize swiping the stylist. Also, only one game has you push a button along with using the touch controls, but that's understandable because of the way the DS is held.

I'm also not very good at this game, it does feel harder becuase of the touch controls, but I also have never been good at games. :oP

My favorite game is Blue Birds, it has a nice simple flow that allows me to just sit back and enjoy the game without being too easy.

Rhythm Heaven DS
Minigame Status
Built To Scale Superb
Glee Club Superb
Fillbots Superb
Fan Club Perfect
Remix 1 Perfect
Rhythm Rally Superb
Shoot-Em Up Superb
Blue Birds Perfect
Moai Doo-Wop Okay
Remix 2 Superb
Love Lizards Perfect
Crop Stomp Superb
Freeze Frame Superb
The Dazzles Superb
Remix 3 Superb
Munchy Monk Superb
Dj School Superb
Drummer Duel Superb
Love Lab Superb
Remix 4 Superb
Splashdown Perfect
Big Rock Finish Superb
Dog Ninja Superb
Frog Hop Superb
Remix 5 Superb
Space Soccer Superb
Lockstep Superb
Rockers Superb
Karate Man Superb
Remix 6 Superb
Built to Scale 2 Superb
The Dazzles 2 Okay
Frog Hop 2 Okay
Fan Club 2 Okay
Remix 7 Superb
Rhythm Rally 2 Okay
Fillbots 2 Okay
Blue Birds 2 Superb
Lockstep 2 Superb
Remix 8 Okay
Moai Doo-Wop 2 Okay
Karate Man 2 Superb
Glee Club 2 Superb
Space Soccer 2 Okay
Remix 9 Superb
Shoot-Em Up 2 Okay
Splashdown 2 Superb
Munchy Monk 2 Superb
Rockers 2 Okay
Remix 10 Okay
Airboarder Okay
DS Endless Games
Minigame Score
Coin Toss 5
Shoot-Em Up 13500
Tunnel N/A
Samurai Slice 5
Glass Tappers N/A
Rhythmove Dungeon N/A
Guitar Lessons BC
Minigame Score
Crop Stomp Song S
Glee Club Song C
Built to Scale Song N/A
Freeze Frame Song N/A
Guitar Lessons TC
Minigame Score
Munchy Monk Song N/A
Space Soccer Song N/A
Splashdown Song N/A
Frog Hop Song N/A
Minigame Status Skill Star
Karate Man Perfect Yes
Fillbots Perfect Yes
Air Rally Superb Yes
Catchy Tune Superb Yes
Rhythm Tweezers Perfect Yes
Glee Club Superb No
Figure Fighter Perfect Yes
Fruit Basket Perfect Yes
Clappy Trio Superb No
Shoot-em Up Superb No
Micro-Row Superb Yes
First Contact Superb Yes
Bunny Hop Perfect Yes
Air Boarder Perfect Yes
Exhibition Match Superb Yes
Toungue Lashing Superb Yes
Sneaky Spirits Perfect Yes
Rhythm Rally Superb No
Flipper Flop Superb Yes
LumBEARjack Perfect No
Power Caligraphy Superb Yes
Blue Birds Perfect Yes
Flock Step Superb Yes
Super Samurai Slice Superb Yes
Spaceball Superb Yes
Dog Ninja Superb No
Hole In One Superb Yes
Sumo Brothers Superb Yes
Lush Remix Superb Yes
Karate Man Returns Perfect No
Fillbots 2 Superb No
Air Rally 2 Superb Yes
Catchy Tune 2 Superb Yes
Honey Bee Remix Superb Yes
Sneaky Spirits 2 Superb Yes
Rhythm Rally 2 Perfect No
Flipper-Flop 2 Superb Yes
LumBEARjack 2 Perfect Yes
Barbershop Remix Superb Yes
The Clappy Trio 2 Superb Yes
Shoot-Em Up 2 Superb No
Micro-Row 2 Superb No
Second Contact Superb Yes
Citrus Remix Superb Yes
Rat Race Superb Yes
Fan club Perfect Yes
Working Dough Superb No
Animal Acrobat Superb Yes
Donut Remix Superb Yes
Tap Trail Superb Yes
Frog Hop Superb No
Ringside Superb Yes
Tangotronic 3000 Superb Yes
Songbird Remix Superb Yes
Rhythm Tweezers 2 Superb No
Glee Club 2 Superb No
Figure Fighter 2 Superb No
Fruit Basket 2 Superb No
Machine Remix Superb Yes
Ninja Bodyguard Superb No
Freeze Frame Superb No
Launch Party Perfect No
Pajama Party Superb Yes
Marching Orders Superb Yes
Munchy Monk Superb No
See-Saw Superb Yes
Blue Bear Perfect No
Space Dance Superb Yes
Lockstep Superb No
Cheer Readers Perfect Yes
Kitties! Superb Yes
The Snappy Trio Superb No
Fan Club 2 Superb Yes
Figure Fighter 3 Superb Yes
Jungle Gymnast Superb No
Left Hand Remix Superb No
Tap Trail 2 Superb Yes
Jumping Jazz Superb No
Hole In One 2 Perfect Yes
Super Samurai Slice 2 Superb Yes
Right Hand Remix Superb Yes
Cosmic Dance Superb No
Cosmic Rhythm Rally Superb Yes
Working Dough 2 Superb Yes
Karate Man Senior Superb No
Final Remix Superb Yes

Thoughts on Megamix

Megamix was my first Rhythm Heaven game. I started playing it during a car trip across country to help my brother move into college. Becuase of that car trip, I associate the series with the beutiful scenery that I saw during the car trip. The wonderful, lush mountain ranges of the northeastern US.

I heard some folk say that megamix isn't the best game to play as the first, I can understand why. This game has a unique structure that all the other games don't have. The NPCs can get a bit tiresome at points, but it doesn't really factor into trying to get superbs. I hate how going for a perfect is in this game, I wish it didn't boot me out of the minigame when I make a mistake. But, I think having a timing indicator is a great quality of life feature.

My favorite game that was added is BlueBear, but all the new games are so so good. I was unable to beat Sumo Brothers the first time I played it becuase the music was so funny to me that I couldn't focus.

Megamix Extra Games
MinigameScoreSkill Star
Bouncy Road N/A N/A
Night Walk Superb No
Quiz Show Okay No
The Dazzles N/A N/A
Big Rock Finish Okay No
Karate Man Kicks N/A N/A
Built to Scale N/A N/A
Double Date N/A N/A
Catch of the Day N/A N/A
Fork Lifter N/A N/A
Love Rap N/A N/A
Bossa Nova N/A N/A
Screwbot Factory Superb No
Board Meeting Superb Yes
Samurai Slice N/A N/A
Packing Pests N/A N/A
Monkey Watch N/A N/A
Karate Man Combos! N/A N/A
Megamix Extras
Rhythm Item 59/110
Music 28/108
Challenge Train 9/40
Goat Lv23
Badges 5/20
Megamix Endless Games
Coin Toss N/A 0/3
Sick Beats 62 3/3
Charging Chicken N/A 0/3
Clap Trap N/A 0/3


Hole In One Perfect
Screwbot Factory Superb
See-Saw Superb
Double Date Superb
Remix 1 Superb
Fork Lifter Superb
Tambourine Superb
Board Meeting Perfect
Monkey Watch Okay
Remix 2 Superb
Working Dough Okay
Built to Scale Superb
Air Rally Superb
Figure Fighter Superb
Remix 3 Okay
Ringside Superb
Packing Pests Superb
Micro-Row Okay
Samurai Slice Superb
Remix 4 Okay
Catch of the Day Superb
Flipper Flop Okay
Exhibition Match Superb
Flockstep Okay
Remix 5 Superb
Launch Party Okay
Donk Donk Okay
Bossa Nova Okay
Love Rap Okay
Remix 6 Okay
Tap Troupe Okay
Shrimp Shuffle Okay
Cheer Readers Okay
Karate Man Superb
Remix 7 Okay
Samurai Slice 2 Okay
Working Dough 2 Okay
Built to Scale Okay
Double Date 2 Okay
Remix 8 Okay
Love Rap 2 Okay
Cheer Readers 2 Okay
Hole in One 2 Superb
Screwbot Factory 2 Okay
Remix 9 Okay
Figure Fighter 2 Okay
Micro-Row 2 Okay
Packing Pests 2 Okay
Karate Man 2 Superb
Remix 10 Okay