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I am rigamorroll. I am a real life dog! arf rarf!!

Hope you enjoy my site!!


1 - 18 - 2024 - finally redid the about page, boring for right now but I plan on adding fun later on.

1 - 17 - 2024 - made a shrine page and a shrine for rhythm heaven

11 - 30 - 2023 - removed seperate pages for each blog post, now all on one page with links to the specific dates without having to load a new page

11 - 27 - 2023 - redid alot of things, I remade the formats for the blog, home page, and art pages.

11 - 18 - 2023 - changed the color pallete, updated the featured art

10 - 4 - 2023 - HALLOWEEN!!!!!

8 - 2 - 2023 - changed the sizes of the body and both sidebars, made the "featured art" section its own thing

6 - 13 - 2023 - another overhaul of the graphics of this site, adding some of my fursona, editing the fonts and colors, and the background image. Also new blog post

12 - 21 - 2022 - redecorated, new gifs and colors

9 - 27 - 2022 - New blog post!!

9 - 25 - 2022 - Some new graphics, updated the blog post format, and revamped the galleries.

9 - 20 - 2022 - New blog post!

9 - 16 - 2022 - New artwork uploaded.

8 - 27 - 2022 - New page for scrap drawings are added to the art section.

8 - 25 - 2022 - New blog post

6 - 5 - 2022 - Now all links work, sorry for the wait again. Now, I will work the site's looks.

6 - 4 - 2022 - Added the About and Art pages to the site and added some amount of content to them. Sorry for the wait!

5 - 31 - 2022 - No actual update so far, very sorry. Life has had me busy, so I didn't have the time to make any progress on this site, sorry again. I will try and get a real update done soon, hopefully. Thanks!

5 - 20 - 2022 - This site is very bare bones at the moment, I am a begginer to html and still learning. I will try to keep this site updating and adding the nessicary stuff, currently none of the links work and this is the only page. I hope this skeleton of a site doesn't deter you from looking at it in the future, becuase I really want to try to flesh out this site. Thanks!

Moon Rocks - Talking Heads

Featured Art

oil pastel of penguin with a chefs hat and holding a pot

Some practice art I did when I got a new drawing tablet.

Recent Blog Post

I am trying to learn how to code in Godot, emphasis on trying. I am very early on in the learning process, watching a few tutorials and fiddling with the program myself. The game I plan on making for my first endeavor isn't going to be too abitious initially, but can be expanded upon once as I learn more and more.

The game I'm trying to make is basically a Rhythm Heaven clone, but clone is such a harsh word that I'll graciously use 'fan-game' instead lol. I figure that this type of game won't be hard for the coding, maybe the beats timings will be hard to code but idk rn, I just want to complete a single level, no menu no nothing.