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I am trying to learn how to code in Godot, emphasis on trying. I am very early on in the learning process, watching a few tutorials and fiddling with the program myself. The game I plan on making for my first endeavor isn't going to be too abitious initially, but can be expanded upon once as I learn more and more.

The game I'm trying to make is basically a Rhythm Heaven clone, but clone is such a harsh word that I'll graciously use 'fan-game' instead lol. I figure that this type of game won't be hard for the coding, maybe the beats timings will be hard to code but idk rn, I just want to complete a single level, no menu no nothing.


I am the victim of distractions once again!

We were unable to get a fix for my laptop at this time, but we aquired a cheap, but good, replacement that works good for what I need. That was a while ago, I've been back home from college for around two weeks and then I've been back in my dorm for around another two weeks. The silver lining of this whole laptop fiasco is that the 'new' one has a cd drive.

I've been invested in the Rhythm Heaven games lately, to the point were I found the motivation to make one of those 'shrine' pages to it. I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the 'shrine' pages entail, I've just seen some around and thought that it could be fun to make one.



My laptop screen got completely broken, absolutely unusable. So, I have to send it in to get fixed; I am currently using a HDMI cable hooked up to a tv inorder to use my laptop temporarally.


Hello again. It's finally getting cold outside.

I've been preoccupied with doing some finals work for my college for a little while, and college in general. However, I've been trying to keep this site in constant improvement.

I haven been playing much games recently, the last game I played was Death’s Door in October, which i have yet to finish. It is a really fun game, however, I just got stuck on a boss and forgot to continue. I've also been playing bits of Slay The Spire here and there, really fun casual game that I can just whittle away at idly. I’ve been listening to some audiobooks too, I've finished the House Of The Seven Gables, but I decided to relisten to it to try and iron out some of the details that I could have spaced out for. It is a very interesting book.



I finished my last day of work on the 29th, everything was relatively uneventful. The job was alright; the job did have some BS, like a quota of signing folk up for a rewards program and dealing with customers (which is just retail in general). It wasn’t as stressful if I were to work at a supermarket or in food service, however, so I am glad about that.

I’ve been packing up all my stuff. I’ve heard some folk describe packing away their belongings as emotional, but I didn’t really feel any emotion. The only thing I felt was tired and sweaty lol. The main part about the whole college experience that I'm nervous about is that I’m going to be away from family and how I’m going to completely jump into dressing more feminine white away at college. Luckily, I have support in the form of my girlfriend, so I won’t be completely alone in the ocean. I am going to miss my bird while I’m away. He's been the highlight of my day often. I hope he does well under my folk’s care.

In other news, I’ve been playing some Tomodachi Life lately.


wow !!!

Theres another Steam Sale going on, got a few games. Potion Crafter is the main one I'm playing right now. It has a really creative brewing mechanic, greatly reccommend.

Preparing for college, starting to pack up way, way early. I'm only doing the stuff I'm bringing to college right now. I do plan on boxing all my stuff later in the month. I heard some folk describe packing up like this as emotional, but I didn't really feel anything; when I start packing up all my other stuff, I might start feeling something, but I'm not sure.

Remembered that I have a 3DS, heres some pictures from it.


Hello Again!!!

Last blog post mentioned that I was only going to be gone for 2 weeks, however I underestimated the situation. I broke my wrist real bad and needed to be in a cast for a huge while, needed to undergo surgery and physical therapy. I also lost track of time, I've been mostly working that retail slogg and trying to stay up to date on my creative ventures but ultimately failing. All I can say is that I'm trying to get back to it, but sometimes I'm just burnt out for days or weeks at a time.( ~_~)

Working has been fine, I work at a smaller store so I don't have to worry about doing all of that bigger store stuff. There are often slow moments and I am greatful for that. Dealing with customers is all the same, no matter where you work, you gotta deal with bitches and crazies that want you to jump through more hoops than a circus seal.¯\_(-_- )_/¯ And work is tiring mentally becuase of me being in the closet, having to act like I'm someone I'm not and having people refer to me as a gender I do not see myself as. That could be a reason why I fall into valleys. The physical toll isn't that bad but I'm a taller person so having to stand all the time and hunch over to do anything does evil on my back and hips.(-_- )

I am also planning on going to college, doing all sorts of paperwork for that. It's both cool and nerve racking, I haven't been away from family for a long time ever, not in my whole life. I guess it won't be so bad since I know someone going to the college I plan on attending, my current girlfriend. The main part I'm worried about is my folk coming to drop me off there; it'd be awkward to have to be masc presenting infront of my girlfriend, but I don't want to cause a huge rift in the family because I refused them the oppertunity to come send me off to college. Complicated shit!! (@_@)

I meantioned her breifly, but I have a "le epic gf". She's very nice and I like her alot!!!!! :3

we've known eachother for a few years but only started dating this last March. She's one of the nicest and genuine people I know and I enjoy every moment that we talk to eachother!! We've been watching movies and shows together and she's gotten me to watch stuff that I've been planning to but never gotten around to. Stuff like Breaking Bad (also El Camino and Better Call Saul), Bee and Puppycat, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Midnight Gospel. It's been uber fun having someone to watch this stuff with, especially when it's someone I can properly discuss the piece of media with, like her!!(^w^)



Hello, this post won't have much of a subject, just me rambling.

First things first, there has been alot of changes to the site's layout. I did a rework of multiple changes; I made the pictures in the gallery smaller and center aligned, added a background, and made the blog post format more simple. There is more work to be done, and the work will never end; I want this website to be a fluid thing, where it is constantly changing and improving as I learn more about html and css. I hope I don't sound repetitive with what im saying (-_- ;), but I am trying my best to make this website not look like crap :P. I just want this website to grow along side with me, as I start and end projects I do.

Ive been trying to find a job, but I haven't got any word back from the places I applied to. I have no money )o`: so when I do get a job, I'll be able to start saving money and less time for myself. I'm saving up so that I can eventually move out.

I've seen the new Don't Hug Me I'm Scared series, it's really good but it defenitly drifted away from analogy to a more of a dark comedy. I still think it's really good, the puppets look good, some of the songs where okay. overall, great show.



Hello everyone! I fear that my site looks too formal and impersonal, that it doesnt represent the type of person I actually is. To remedy this, I had a few ideas on how to make this website represent me a bit more.

First, I plan to revamp the looks of this site, mess with the format and layout. I feel like the site is too monochrome and emotionless, so making goofy graphics and adding more colors will be a fun thing to do. This will include having more custom formats/appearances for each page (the gallery and blog posts to be specific). That might take a while, however, so that is something that would probably be finished later in the future, please be patient. I am still trying to learn html, so things may be rough around the edges for a little while.

Second, this blog. I think including more nonsense on the blog would be more fun. More general ideas, opinions on things (games I recently played, movies, and whatever), and post showcasing random things (like weird little trinkets and knicknaks that I find). Using the blog this way will allow me to have my own little corner of the internet where I can scream into the void. I'm also a documention freak, idk why but I feel like I need to record things that happen, to store away and sort files even though I may never use them, so doing this would just fall in line with me being the way I am.

I hope yall stick around and see what I have planned for the future!! Thank you!! :3


Personal Update

It has been two months, roughly, since I even touched this site. This is due to life kicking me in the ribs with one thing after the other. Recently I had to quit my job because I wasn't being paid enough and had to buy a new laptop becuase the one I had broke down (rip savings).

You might ask, "well at least you have drawn something good while you where away"; no, I have not drawn a damn thing substantial. I was a lazy peice of shit and didn't have any motivation to due any drawing worth while. For now, I'll work on getting older drawings that where not posted yet up on the site, when I get the files off my old, broken laptop.

It hasn't been all horrible!

On the bright side, I recently got a 3ds for my birthday (I had mine stolen by a kid when I was in middle school) and I've been playing lots of Animal Crossing on it.

my acnl home, a patched together aproxamation of an arcade

I decided to make my home an arcade for some reason. I've been making steady progress with both my home and with main street, currently gathering funds for the dream suite. Its only been, like, four weeks since I started playing the game, at most. I've been enjoying it so far, these funny little animals have been the thing I've been coping with for a little while. The only complaint that I have is that I'm forced to be white.

Miranda calling me a bitch while taking my fruits



Welcome to my blog! I plan to use it this blog to just talk about nonsensical ideas, art progress/plans, and general opinions.

First, I want to apollogize for having to wait for the site to become actually useable. Breifly stated in the updates, life had me busy with a combimation of school and family. I am also still trying to learn html, since I am a beginner at the moment. I hope you enjoy this site and stick around for what I have planned for it. Thanks!