Rendered Art

oil pastel of penguin with a chefs hat and holding a pot an ice cream cone that has been dropped, the sprinkles make a smile with a cherry making a clown nose. sad jester playing the lute garfeild as an angel and jon arbuckle as a monk clown in alleyway with date on a balloon furby cherubim with a worm-on-a-string circling it gnome peaking out of hole in wall clown in space sad clown sitting down

Sketches and Doodles

scribble of my fursona, sitting on a stool with a dunce cap on scribble of my fursona three gnomes, one is nae nae'ing, one is laying down and smoking a pipe, and one is just standing. a swagged-out minecraft creeper, Yes-man and Prim Slim guy holding giant sword, looming over a cat with a subtitle of 'Pussy Slayer', the man is saying 'im sorry little one' bunch of scary faces two joke doodles with the half life 1 guard three clowns; one is dabbing, one is doing the nae nae, one is saying fuck